Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Will, We Will, Rock You (huuh), Rock You, (huuh)

This morning, I'm listening to one of my twins, pound the couch to the beat of Queen's anthem We Will, We Will, Rock You! Brennan is my kid with rhythm and then some. So far this morning, I've grooved to the beat of Queen and listened to repeated renditions of Ode to Joy on the recorder. The recorder, mind you, is not a flute. I think if it were, it would be much more enjoyable to listen to. As it is, it's a little high pitched for me, especially in the morning while opening email.

Waking up to my email, tweets and FB, I was especially interested in what Seth Godin had to say about Amazon's Kindle. While I don't own a Kindle myself, I would echo his sentiments on that regard ( If Amazon tackled this fantastic marketing strategies, I would own a Kindle myself. Seth's suggestions seem to focus on not just the reader/consumer but also on the publisher/author, etc. If Amazon keeps the publisher/author in the loop, neither stands to lose as much as artists/songwriters did when music went digital. Let's face it -- we are a digital world, a digital community, and we like things that we can get fast and free... but at what expense? The music business has suffered for years. Perhaps, rightly so in some respects, but in others, it's been way too much -- way too much stealing, etc. Putting the digital book together in a way that respects and furthers a love for reading without sacrificing those who labored to put the work together, is only fair and right and sets a course for the digital movement to move in a better direction. Kudos, Seth. I hope Amazon is listening. Perhaps, there is still hope for music. We can learn from our mistakes.

Speaking of music, we are now on to the beat of distant showers running upstairs, dogs wrestling in the den and little girls chatting about how cute each looks this morning... there's no price for music like that. Time to make more breakfast...

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