Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Short Order Cook

I guess most days I am a short order cook, but summer seems to demand more diversity in dietary selections from my children than any other season. Today I've fixed everything from PBJ's to enchiladas to ham sandwiches to pasta salad, fruit salad and mac-n-cheese -- and that was just LUNCH!

Not only do a myriad of food requests come from my children during the summer, but, unfortunately, so do the comments of "I'm bored," "There's nothing to do," "Where can we go today?" Normally, I just hand someone a broom and say, "how bored do you feel now?" Today, however, we made a trek to the mall to suppress the boredom. Along with my four, we also brought 2 friends for a total of 6 kiddos.

Somehow we managed to walk the mall without any purchases except and Auntie Anne's pretzel for which we had coupons. The trip was worth the trouble, and really, it wasn't all that much trouble to pile 6 kids in the car. In the grand scheme of things, it was truly a blessing to be ABLE to fit 6 kids in my car, have enough gas to get to the mall and to be close enough to a mall to go for a walk.

Sometimes I have to brush the cobwebs from my eyes. They seem to collect when I think that there is more to being blessed than what I have already been blessed with :>) How could I ask for or want more? Remembering the blessings that surround me, reminds me to be content.

I'm glad to be a mom. I'm glad to fill my days doing "mom things." I'll be the short order cook, the entertainment director, the taxi driver, the housekeeper, etc. I thank God that I have the ability and the opportunity to do it all.