Friday, September 11, 2009

When I Grow Up, I want to be just like her...

A few evenings back, Cara and I were in my bathroom, and I was straightening her hair for school the next day. While were together having a true mother/daughter experience, Cara began asking me questions.

Cara is very inquisitive and smart. She's always interested in more information than the basic "yes" or "no" answer.

So, as we were getting her all primped, she asked me, "Mom, who's your mentor?"

Cara is 11. Her thoughts run deep, and her questions are often challenging; however, it was not hard for me to answer this particular question.

My response to Cara was, "Nana is my mentor." Hands down... there is no doubt, no need to think about the answer to that question...

Cara's follow-up was "Why is she your mentor?" I went on to explain:

My mom loves Jesus. She is forgiving, loving, patient and kind -- to everyone. Mom is gentle, not easily provoked to anger and is filled to overflowing with her love for her family.

God blessed me with such a mom as this... My mom is now not only my mom, but she is my friend. She is a woman that people of all shapes, sizes, hearts, colors, races, ages, etc. are drawn to. Her friendship is infectious and undemanding. She holds no grudges. Her desire is to serve the Lord with gladness.

In doing so, Mom, is a magnet. People are drawn to her without even knowing why sometimes.

Several years ago in a small group Bible study, we were challenged to bring a friend to the table of communion. Mom and I were in the same group with 6 or 8 other women.

Naturally, when the challenge was posed, I knew that I would choose my mom; however, when the other women also chose Mom, I was, at first, jealous.

Quickly, though, I saw tangible evidence of how other women see her -- young, middle-aged, older, etc... her love for others transcends all.

Mom, in turn, took us all to the table of communion. We circled around and blessed one another.

I do believe that it was in that very moment that I became overwhelmed by my love for her. I was so proud and humbled to be her daughter.

I can only pray that my own daughters will see even a glimpse of my mom in me. She is truly my mentor, my friend and MY mom!

When I grow up, I want to be just like her!