Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursdays are just the day before Friday...

Today is another Thursday. When I wake up on Thursdays, I'm excited because the next day is Friday. I love Fridays. I've always loved Fridays... I guess most people do. Fridays signify the beginning of the weekend, obviously, but for me there's a sense of excitement -- even if it just means that my husband is home and not going to work. For me this is one of life's simple pleasures.

In today's ever sinking economy, stress and struggles, it's imperative to look at what's right in front of you and find some joy -- even if it's just the fact that today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday. Live your Thursday in the same excitement as you live your Friday. Find the joy in each day of the week, one day at a time. Don't live in tomorrow. It's when we live in tomorrow that we lose so much time and miss what we were given for today. This isn't profound. I haven't stumbled upon some lost truth, but it is good to be reminded. If you're like me, you forget. It's easy to forget.

Remember to tell someone how much you appreciate him or her. Give someone a hug. Write someone an old fashioned letter or just sent an email. Bring joy to someone else, and joy will be returned to you in the most unexpected circumstances. Find something to be thankful for -- your health, your family, your ability to smile. Allow time to be grateful. It'll be good for you... and me.

Happy Thursday.

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