Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Out of the Woods

I just found this unpublished blog post of mine... it made me laugh today... maybe it will do the same for you!

Last night, I gathered the children around to tell them about Mrs. E who had fallen and broken her leg (femur). My friend RoseAnne was with her at the hospital and through her surgery... pretty much staying by her bedside for the last 48 hours+.

Anyway, I told the children that 95 year old, Mrs. Elizabeth Crunk had fallen and broken her leg. She had to have surgery and had only recently been brought into recovery. The kids asked me, "How is she?" I responded, in accordance to what RoseAnne had told me, "Well, she's not out of the woods yet. We need to pray."

The kids stared at me like they'd seen a ghost -- expressionless (this is all happening w/in seconds). I'm actually confused by the looks on their faces. It's almost like horror. Then Baker spoke up and said, "Is she still in the woods?!" Then Eliza, "Did she break her leg in the woods?" "Mom, why was she in the woods? How did she break her leg in the woods?" The questions were coming so fast that I had to burst out and say, "She's not really in the woods!" "Well, where is she," the kids said. "She's in the hospital!" Well, this raised even more confusion, and the kids were "demanding" an explanation for "she's not out of the woods yet."

I was flustered and laughing, and it was hard to explain "not out of the woods" to them. I finally was able to compare it to "she's not completely well yet." They were pretty confused, but came to understand what I meant. It was funny and sweet, and prayers were given from the mouths of babes for Mrs. E who was not literally in the woods. :>)

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