Monday, August 17, 2009


I was remembering a story this morning, one that brought a smile to my face and thankfulness to my heart. With the children back in school now, it's a lot quieter around here. Things don't get messed up as many times a day, and I have more time to do what I need to do without interruption.

Be that as it may, my children are a dear blessing to me. I love summer and having the kids home. I love fall and sending them back to school. I can't wait for there to be a day off from school, and holidays get me just as excited as when I was a kid. Having a break from any routine is a good thing -- a reminder of our blessings.

My children are certainly that -- blessings. I love each one of them dearly, and I love that each one of them is uniquely and divinely made.

My sweet Brennan has a special knack with words and with saying the right things at the right time. He's great with stories, imitations, impersonations, and he carries loads of joy around with him. In fact, Don calls him "joy boy."

At any rate, on to the remembering... In December of '07, my "joy boy" was sitting on the vanity stool in my bathroom while I was getting ready for a date with Don. Below is what I discovered recently that I had written about the experience:

Simple joys abide that are often overlooked or missed as the gifts
that they were intended to be -- gifts of the season...... I would
like to share one of these gifts with each of you.

As you know Brennan (my opera singer) has a special way with words,
and he has an uncanny ability to emit joy with his very presence. I
want to share a simple story with you -- one to bring you a smile .

Last night, I was getting ready for a Christmas party, and just as I
had finished dressing, Brennan came into my bathroom. He sat down on
my vanity stool and looked up at me with those sparkly blues. I turned
to him and said, "Brennan, how do I look?" Brennan, in his own
charming and humorous way, gave me the "once over." He then looked up
at me, held out his little hands and said, "I think you need to tone
down the beautiful -- just a little bit!" Now -- don't you think that
made my night..... nothing mattered after that. God's gifts are so good.

May we all shine as brightly as I did that night because of God's gift to me through the words of my child. He's everywhere!

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