Thursday, August 14, 2008


Okay..... here goes. Am I going to completely engulf myself into the viral world? My husband enlightened me this morning by mentioning the "social evolution" of blogging and twittering! I like staying connected, and apparently, this is a good way to do it. We'll see. My goal, though, is to not spend all of my morning setting these things up.... So far, I'm into it for a couple of hours now.

When I walked in the door this morning from my early morning walk, I told my husband that i had been texting while walking and that I would now need an unlimited texting package. My best friend with whom I used to walk with daily until she move a year ago sent me a text this morning, and we proceeded to text for just about our whole walk "together." 

I'm thinking this could be dangerous to my health -- not like smoking and walking but like falling into a ditch or getting bit by a dog while walking. I'm a mom of four, walking my neighborhood with my "Walk Yourself Fit" playing on my iPod and my thumbs "twittering and texting" away -- cool? not cool? Perhaps embarrassing for my 12.5 year old should he see me :>) after his bus takes off. I'll be careful, though, to make sure he's out of sight before I hit the aggregate sidewalk with all of my gear in tow.

This is a good enough start. I'm sure that I'll get more creative as I incorporate blogging into my lifestyle, but I don't know who'll be interested other than me!

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